Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us-Tonyco

Competitive Price

We are DIRECT manufacturer and are dedicated to supply you quality auto parts at the competitive price.

 Widest Range of Products-Tonyco

Widest Range of Products

We are a company specialized in producing variety of best quality head gasket for Japanese Diesel trucks, buses and heavy equipment. Our product includes overhaul repair kits, cylinder head gasket, value stem seal, Oil seal, Liner O-ring etc…

Reputable Products-Tonyco

Reputable Products

As a manufacturer, we strive to produce and sell quality genuine products to all our customers. Our reputation is built on over 30 years of continuous superior gasket products and excellent service. From raw material to finished products and packaging, all the goods are under control in our factory and make sure all the products passes stringent quality control cycle before delivering. You can always buy with confidence from us.

Fast & Accountable Sales Support-Tonyco

Fast & Accountable Sales Support
We believe the importance of providing best support and service to all our customers. Our sales team will answer your inquiries as soon as possible. Feel free to email us at tonycotw@ms26.hinet.net