Gasket Set/Kit Catalogs

Tonyco’s gasket kits provide the most complete set of items according to OEM’s Specifications and contents. Our gasket kitsincludes cylinder head gasket, valve stem seals, manifold exhaust gasket, manifold intake gasket, oil seals, , valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, timing cover gasket, side cover gasket, ex pipe gasket, liner O-rings, turbo gasket, water pump gasket and more.

Tonyco Gasket Set Manufacture 
Being quality oriented manufacturer, we use high quality non-asbestos materials when producing our products. Special adhesive are used in the product to ensure high strength, excellent elasticity and the ability to withstand the effects of extreme temperature and pressure. Tonyco head gaskets are perfect for high-performance diesel cars and OE overhauls. We include most of the gaskets and items you'll need to rebuild an engine.