Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday

Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday Please be informed for the above celebrations that our office won’t work from 20 January to 29 January, 2023 Business will resume as usual on 30 January 2023 We wish to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 癸卯迎春財兔年 虎辭勝歲兔揚眉 兔躍群山傳喜訊 人間喜慶康平世 卯至各方蓬勃起 錦繡乾坤糧滿盈 Thank you for your long-term support to TONYCO We would like to take this opportunity to greet you Deep thanks and best wishes f...

2022 Taipei AMPA ONLINE show

The 2022 Taipei AMPA ONLINE show is Officially Open!! AMPA DigitalGo is a unique digital platform for the automotive industry, featuring a virtual lobby, the latest products in 3D inside virtual booths, product and exhibitor search functions, as well as chatting and messaging capabilities, making it easier for buyers and exhibitors to discuss business sales and other matters without the hassle of time zones and border controls. Buyers can see the newest parts and accessories for automobiles and ...

Happy Chinese New Year and Holiday Notice

In this festive season, TONYCO GASKET MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD. would like to express our sincere gratitude to our valued customers and partners for all your trust and collaboration towards our company during this year, we are so thankful to work together with you. Headquarter office will be closed for the Chinese New Year celebration from 29th Januaryuntil 6th February,2022. Normal business will resume on 7th February. 2021 has been a difficult and challenging year, but 2022 is full of possibil...


ATTENTION COVID-19 COMMUNITY PREVENTION Masks are required in places with high risks of infection and transmission. BORDER QUARANTINE Passengers entering trough Taiwan must present a COVID-19 nucleic acid test report issued with three (working) days before boarding. MEDICAL RESPONSE Infection control and reporting of suspected cases for testing are enhanced in healthcare facilities. Fall-Winter Program ...

Tomb Sweeping Day

Please note that the office will be close for Tomb Sweeping Day from 2nd~ 5th April 2021. People honor their ancestors with offerings of food, drinks, and fruits on Tomb Sweeping Day. Besides, we light incense and burn praying cash for our ancestors as their currency in the underworld.

Chinese Lunar New Year

Dear customer How are you? Hope everything goes well. So that we can all spend valuable time with our families, please be informed that we will have the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday from8Feb.to16 Feb., 2021and will come back to work on 17 Feb. 2021. Any orders and/or inquiries will be accepted and will be processed on 17 Feb. the first business day after the Spring Festival. Thank you and wish you a happy and prosperous Chinese Lunar New Year .

Engine Gasket Builder

General information Due to the multiplicity of static gaskets, only those types of particular importance to the engine will be dealt with in detail here. In general, they are used within a broad temperature range from - 200C to + 1,000C, depending on whether they are made of rubber, organic or inorganic fibers, minerals, metals or combinations of these. In addition to being resistant to high temperatures, they are expected to fulfil their function with the utmost efficiency and for prolonged pe...

Have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

May the blessings and happiness of Christmas season be yours. Bring new opportunities and possibilities! And for your family full of love and hope! Happy holidays and warm wishes for 2021!

Happy Birthday, Taiwan!

Please kindly note that we will have the National Day from 9th ~ 11th, October 2020. During the Holiday, the office will be closed. Thanks for your understanding and wish you a happy long weekend. 「Happy Birthday, Taiwan!」

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Announcement

Our office will be closed for Mid-Autumn Festival from 1 Oct. till 4 Oct. 2020. will get back to normal operation on 5 Oct.2020 All TONYCO’s crews wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Automotive Sealing Systems

Automotive Sealing Systems | TONYCO Gasket Manufacturer Gaskets play an important role as a vital component of machines which form part of our everyday life. While they do not normally constitute the central element of plants, machines or internal combustion engines, this does not affect their importance in any way. It goes without saying that they usually function with such reliability that the necessity for them is generally barely considered unless, or until, they fail. When this happen...