Head Gasket Catalogs

What is Head Gasket?

Head gasket acts as a seal between the engine block and the engine’s cylinders. Head gaskets are also designed to hold their own against high amount of pressure and heat in the engine bay. Every car, truck, light truck, forklifts and heavy duty machines now has head gasket but they vary in their construction thickness and based on the manufacturer design of the engine. Typically, a 6 or 8 cylinder engine is equipped with 2 cylinder head gasket. With quality head gasket, it helps to ensure maximum compression and prevent coolant or engine oil leakage into the cylinders. This help to ensure long lasting performance and maintaining the efficiency of an engine.


Why is head gasket important?

1.   A fully functional cylinder head gasket is an important aspect of vehicle safety. 

2.   Prevent leakage while under high compression.

3.   Silicone coating- heat resistance, withstand high temperature and oil resistance

4.   Ensure smooth and contaminant- free engine operations