Valve Cover Gasket Catalogs

What is Valve Cover Gasket
Valve Cover Gasket is one of the most important gaskets that keep cylinder head hardware protected from the elements and keeps oil from escaping. Failure of valve cover gasket can cause oil to leak from the engine. Replacing leaking valve cover gasket is a good first step to prevent this from happening. Tonyco offers a full range of valve cover gasket to cover your repair needs. 

Reasons of Failed Valve Cover Gasket
  • Over tightening
  • Cracked or broken due to age and oxidation  
  • Valve cover leaks are common on many older vehicles 

Why Repair a Valve Cover Gasket? 
It is crucial to ensure installation of only high quality valve cover gasket in a vehicle during repair tasks. An inferior valve cover can cause oil to contaminate and damage many other components in the engine. Customers could end up spending more on repairing the entire engine. Therefore, by replacing quality Valve Cover Gaskets can help minimize the chance of leakage.