Gasket Set-MAZDA(T3500T)

Model : T3500-T





 Metal, Graphite, Stainless steel or Non-Asbestos


 Resistance to corrosion, heat and oil

 Reasonable balance of strength and weight

 Component Include

 1Full set Engine Gasket kit

 1set Crankshaft front+rear oil seal

 1pc Cylinder head gasket,

 1pc Intake manifold gasket

 4pc Exhaust manifold gasket

 1pc Valve cover gasket

 1pc Timing cover gasket

 4pc Oil pan gasket

 8pcs Engine Valve Stem Seals

 1set O-rings

 Other Small Gaskets

Tonyco® has built a reputation as one of the most respected names in the industry. We offered the most complete set of gasket kit for the aftermarket. Our design team keeps pace with the industry and provides advanced solutions for today’s vehicles.

  • Correct materials ensures gasket have excellent performance in functionality and sealability.
  • All parts are made to OEM Specifications:s so everything will fit your engine right.
  • Kit is packed in sub-assemblies by function, making installation easy.